Dr Anthony Hutchinson, RSW
Doctor of Psycho-Social Clinical Practice

BSc (Psychology), BSW, MSW, PhD (Health Determinants) 
Supporting Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral &
Mental Health Functioning & Rehabilitation

Brain Injury (ABI/ TBI) Impairment
Concussion Treatment 
Mental Health  &  Addictions
Depression & Anxiety
Stress Management 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Specialized Practices in

Personal Injury & Medical-Legal Cases Supporting
Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)
WSIB, Family & Criminal Law, Civil Litigation

Toll-Free: 1-(844)-332-2500
Offices in Burlington, Peterborough & Toronto

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson, CC, GA, BSc, BSW, MSW, PhD
Social Worker, Epidemiologist, Educator, Researcher, Evaluator, Expert Witness
Specialized in Forensic Social Work & Psycho-Social Clinical Therapy
verified by Psychology Today

Impartial - Objective - Professional

Areas of Specialized Service & Practice

1) Forensic Social Work Assessment & Consulting
- Court Qualified Expert on Criminal Street Gangs
- Certified STATIC-99R Sex Offender Risk Assessor     
- Criminal Case Assessment, Evaluation & Consulting
    - Expert Witness Testimony in Areas of Psycho-Social Risk
    - Violence Prevention & Community Safety 

2) Personal Injury & Accident Benefits
    - Psycho-Social Assessment and Treatment
    - Case Management
    - Financial Help for Accident Survivors
    - Providing Answers in Personal Injury Situations

3) Clinical Social Work & Epidemiology
    - Treatment for Anxiety & Depression
    - Treatment for Concussion & Brain Injury
    - Addictions Treatment & Counseling
- Drug & Alcohol Treatment & Counselling
- Anger Management & Partner Abuse Response (PAR)
        - Individual, Couples & Family Counselling/ Therapy
    - Reunification Therapy/ Reintegration Counseling 
- Stress Management/ 
Pain Management
    - Expert in Youth Counselling & Youth Development
- Financial Counseling & Disability Assistance
4) Psycho-Social & Forensic Assessments
- Section 44 Independent Examinations
    - Family Risk Assessments

    - Parenting Capacity Assessments 
    - Custody & Access Assessments
- Sex Offender Risk Assessments
- Violent Criminal Risk Assessments
- Financial Capacity & Mental Health Assessments

     verified by Psychology Today

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